Daily Bilble Verse

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Final Decree!

I received this awesome e-mail from Jakeb on Monday morning!   

"Hey Mom and Dad!!! Yeah, you see this smile
on my face, well it is there for a reason!!!! YES,
YES, YES my aunties got our final decree today!"

"I know you can't read Chinese, neither can I! :) But they say this is the final decree. I'm YOURS!!!!"

"Aunt Holly and Aunt Trena said that you should not start making airline travel arrangements yet. They want to get my AIT appointment time (whatever that is) before you get your airline reservations. They will be in touch with you real soon. If you can't wait I think it would be o.k. for you to e-mail them! I LOVE you and will be in your arms before you know it!!! I'm ready for some mommie/daddy time. I've seen several of my nursery friends leaving the past couple weeks with their forever family, I'm so happy my turn as finally come. Yipeee.....................see you soon!!!"

Your son,